“You could go to the internet for information…but you won’t find as much as AAA Screening gives you.”

We’re specialists in tenant screening.

Rental verification on all tenant addresses, Credit History in an easy to read format, Income History, Civil History beyond the eviction and money owed information, Criminal History includes county and state information plus the industry standard national info.

Let us help you bring in the tenants that will build better communities.

Same day/Next Day delivery for reports. Open on the weekends to provide reports. Pricing range from $15 to $50 per applicant. Click here to sign up and start building better communities!

  • Rental Verifications - more information.

    AAA Screening Rental information includes research and references on all addresses within the last 3 years, even those not claimed by tenant, and information found on credit report or skip trace report.

    We also include information on all tenant addresses, claimed and unclaimed, this provides AAA Screening with the knowledge to search criminal and civil records back 15 years.

  • Credit History - an easy to read report.

    AAA Screening’s information includes detailed credit information formatted into an easy to read report that includes:

    • Terrorist watch list
    • Verification of SSN
    • Rental related judgments.
    • Court Judgement and Liens
    • Credit Score
    • Late Payments
  • Income History - we call the applicant when needed.

    AAA Screening’s information includes verification of current position, salary, and hire date including those companies that use The Work Number. Your applicant is contacted when additional information is required.

  • Civil History - we dig deep.

    AAA Screening’s information includes more than just eviction with money owed, we include dismissals and possession only cases (that are not shown on the credit report) from all the tenant’s addresses, claimed and unclaimed.

  • Criminal History - beyond the industry standard.

    AAA Screening’s information includes:

    • Nationwide, State and County Records
    • National Sex Offender Public Registry
    • Most Wanted Databases
    • Open Charges
    • Diversions
    • Convictions
    • Open Warrants
    • Protection Orders

AAA Screening Promise

“AAA Screening promises to deliver qualified applicants, by using a highly refined proprietary process that provides our clients ease of mind, less hassle and customized on-line applications. We also promise to help you build a better community.”

Customized to Meet Your Needs

We can provide the approval criteria you need, could be “met criteria”, “failed criteria’, or whatever matches your process. Just let us know.

Applicant Disputes

You don’t have to handle applicant questions about the report. We will be happy to talk with the applicant. We include an adverse action letter so that an applicant has our contact information, to address questions or disputes.

AAA Screening helps achieve higher occupancy rates of qualified tenants-which save us time and money.