A different Screening Company

A Different Screening Company.

We do what we do and we do it well. We are a screening company, no not, silk screening, or new screens for your windows. The type of screening we provides helps build better communities. Our specialty, Rental Verification. Still wonder what we do? Well, let’s say you are looking for an apartment, you go through the process of picking out a couple that you like. Now, you start filling out the application form, well, that forms comes to us.

All those contact numbers you supplied, yep, we call them all. And guess what, we find the numbers you, forgot, to include. So you were the one creating all the commotion at your last place, we find out. Oh, you left without paying, well, we find that out too.

So, we find all kinds of information out. And most of the time, we find some really good people, and those are the ones, we let the Property Management Companies know would be the best tenants to help build better communities thru profitable occupancy.