New HUD Guidelines and AAA Screening

New HUD Guidelines and AAA Screening

The criteria set up in the New HUD Guidelines are met when Housing Authorities, LIHTC and USDA Rural Development use AAA Screening. Our current process already includes meeting the requirements set out by the Agency. When needed or desired, customization in regards to information gathered, reports generated, and notification is possible.

Sometimes the answers are in what they don’t tell you.
 AAA Screening is an affordable resource that provides you with the right information as you continue to build better communities. Our proprietary screening process will help you keep your residents safe and happy.

No Set-up fees. No minimums. No hassles.
AAA is a better alternative for screening. We partner with The Work Number to help you determine eligibility for government assistance. We are an Equifax CSP. Our employees are trained and certified to handle all areas of the screening and reporting process.

Our criminal history screening goes beyond the industry standard.
The AAA Screening Process includes the following.

County and state records
Dismissed and open charges
Guilty-no jail time
Open warrants
Protection orders
Department of Corrections records
Convicted or jail time records
Sex offender registries search from all addresses (claimed & unclaimed) by the tenant.

The Rental Verification Process is customized to meet your needs.

AAA will mirror your current rental verification process. Are you going back, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 years?
We will do the same. We don’t just search rental verification records; our trained experts make the calls.  We have the tools to locate addresses the applicants do not provide and verify those as well.

It is certainly worth calling Christie Hartford at 816-436-0885 to learn how AAA Screening could help eliminate tenant problems while meeting HUD Guidelines. There’s no obligation and all conversations are confidential, so call today.