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“What we appreciated most about working with AAA Screening is the friendly and helpful staff; they truly believe and deliver great customer service.”

Children and Friendship
Children and Friendship

Our goal is to help you keep your communities safe and your residents happy. When the screening process is not done properly, not only are your residents at risk so is your community.

“Our work with AAA Screening was aimed to provide us all the information we need to make a well-informed decision regarding prospective tenants.
The number of calls they make and complete on rental verifications has been quite valuable in assessing a client’s eligibility for leasing that goes beyond just criminal and civil screening.”

No Set-up fees. No minimums. No hassles. Great Service!

  •  Rental References** from current and prior landlords; includes Claimed and Unclaimed Addresses™, addresses that AAA Screening discovered and the applicant did not disclose. (May exceed one-day if the requested reference does not respond in a timely basis-we follow-up for a week.)
  • Employment and Income Verification** from current and if needed, previous employer. Contact the applicant for financial documents.(May exceed one-day if contact does not respond in a timely basis-we follow-up for a week.)
  • Credit History that is easy to read includes credit score, account information, payment history, balances, bankruptcies, collections, judgments, evictions, liens, OFAC/terrorist watch list, and SSN verification
  • Eviction History* shows evictions and other landlord lawsuits from court
    records for all names and aliases in all relevant counties and locations.
  • Criminal History and Sex Offender Registry* on all names/aliases in all applicable counties and states verified
    by birthdate.

    Click here to view a sample report.

*Some counties/states outside of the region charge significantly higher fees for eviction or criminal history. AAA Screening will provide you the amount for approval before obtaining.

**Pending reports – Our process of Building Better Communities means we follow up  until we get an answer for rental reference or employment verification, while we are working to get the right information, you may see a pending report message.

We skiptrace to identify all alias names and residences
and research unclaimed addresses and alias identities.
We offer customized online application and credit card payment of application fee.

“Using their system, they find the right information, at times some we would have missed if doing this on our own. We were thrilled with their services and they exceed our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.”

All comments are authored by:
Belinda Ray, Executive Director Community Housing, St. Joseph, MO