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Christie Hartford Promoted to Vice President of Sales and Service.

Christie Hartford Promoted to Vice President of Sales and Service.

AAA Screening, Rental Verification Specialists, today announced the promotion of Christie Hartford to Vice President of Sales and Service. She will primarily be responsible for new business development and customer touch programs.

“Christie is key to our success and we are thrilled to promote her to this important position,” said Jennifer Meents, President of AAA Screening. “Her strong customer service skills and knowledge of all aspects of the business led me to place Christie in this new position”.

Hartford joined the company in 2006 as a Criminal/Civil Researcher and quickly rose in the company to supervisory and management positions.

AAKC Trade show

AAKC Trade show

We had a great time at the AAKC Trade show, with a theme of Back to the 80s’s.  Christie Hartford, our VP of Sales and Service
was bedazzled in her 80’s jean jacket. Mr. T and the Blues Brothers were spotted walking through the event! AAA Screening’s “You Can’t Win if You Don’t Spin” game was very popular. With each spin of the wheel players win prizes, the most popular prize was the Great Plains SPCA win matching.

When Contestants landed on Great Plains SPCA, AAA Screening would donate a $1.00 in honor of the spinner to the  organization. At the end of the trade show, AAA Screening  doubles the amount. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and played, Great Plains SPCA will receive an $80  check with the names of the following individuals:

  • Angelique Meyer – MAA Haven at Prairie Trace
  • Courtney Klitzke – Plaza Terrace, Cohen-Esrey
  • Nancy Basinski – Cohen-Esrey
  • Chelli Persinger – Carlyle Apartment Homes
  • Erica Moore – Carlyle
  • Bartz Yalles – Nowlin Hall
  • Richard Ward – Fairways at Lakewood
  • Liz – Retreat at Shawnee
  • Hanna Hill – AMC
  • Dave Trehen – Leasing KC
  • Bob Smoot – Fairways Lakewood
  • Cindy Ammon – Resource Residential
  • Debbie Hughes – Folgelman
  • Marques Jackson – Plaza Overland Park
  • Tina Sims – Pointe Royal
  • Nicole Lindsey – Greenwood Reserve
  • Tina Johnson – Ridgeview Heights
  • Kathy Cockrane – The Legends
  • Letisha Airringtion – Dalmark Management
  • Nickey Duggger – Dalmark Group
  • Albert Heranandez – Orion Property
  • Danny Webster – Ridgeview Heights
  • Kayla Goodman – Beacon
  • Terry Brink – Orion Property
  • Julie Still – Worcester Community
  • Nick Maschletl – Signal
  • Lucinda Gamboni – Greystar
  • Hillari Bean – Greystar
  • Matt Sayre – Orion Property
  • Anne Johnston – Greystar Management
  • Star Bradford – Greystar
  • Gregory James – Villa Milano
  • Shanna Bennett – KC Loft Central
  • Katie McVey – KC Loft Central
  • Tammi Jordan – Cohen-Esrey
  • Heather Elkins-Torello – Villa Medici
  • Jim Norris – Villa Medici
  • Michele Antonopoulos – Villa Medici
  • Andrea Manlove – The Retreat of Shawnee
  • Oscar SEvila – Swope Ridge Gardens/Yarco
  • Christie Lee – Premier Residential


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A different Screening Company

A Different Screening Company.

We do what we do and we do it well. We are a screening company, no not, silk screening, or new screens for your windows. The type of screening we provides helps build better communities. Our specialty, Rental Verification. Still wonder what we do? Well, let’s say you are looking for an apartment, you go through the process of picking out a couple that you like. Now, you start filling out the application form, well, that forms comes to us.

All those contact numbers you supplied, yep, we call them all. And guess what, we find the numbers you, forgot, to include. So you were the one creating all the commotion at your last place, we find out. Oh, you left without paying, well, we find that out too.

So, we find all kinds of information out. And most of the time, we find some really good people, and those are the ones, we let the Property Management Companies know would be the best tenants to help build better communities thru profitable occupancy.